When self-care feels like too much

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’ve had depression and anixety in varying degrees of severity since I was sixteen years old, I’m now twenty one.

When you’re depressed, everyone will throw #SelfCare tips at you as if it will magically make you happy; not realising that self care is sometimes managing to get out of bed and clean your teeth, not a whole skin routine. When the simplest tasks seem impossible, the last thing on your mind is “I should do a hair mask,” or “a gym sesh and a spa day is just what I need” it’s not realistic. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe hundreds of people relate, either way if just one person reads this and relates or finds it helps them; I consider this blog a success.

Now, this might make me a hypocrite, but I have learnt some tips for dealing with the bad times – don’t click away this isn’t going to be #spaday or £10 smoothies, I hope this is actual advice that will genuinely help.


So, I’ve always been one to be tight lipped about how I’m feeling, at least in my daily life, the internet is a different story (as always) but last week after an alcohol fueled cry in the kitchen I thought maybe, just maybe I should talk to someone. So I did, multiple people actually. I told my two closest friends. Unsurprisingly, they were more understanding than I could ever have hoped for and I wish I’d spoke up sooner. Here’s the amazing thing about friends – they care about you (shocking I know)! Here are two people who are here to support me and I can tell them things!!!!

I guarantee you have these two people. It might feel like talking is dumb and if you do you’ll drag the people you love into your deep dark hole of despair but guess what? You won’t! Quite the opposite, you won’t drag people down, they’ll lift you up. I’ve been so lucky that I can access support through my friends and my job, but I only found that support through talking. So please PLEASE talk to someone.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this I just needed to write SOMETHING, I hope one person reads this and relates, knows they’re not alone; and things can and will get better.



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